I graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute as a graphic artist and specialist in technical design of printed matter. For several years I had worked for different clients and publishing companies. My work included book and advertising products design and prepress preparation, concept development for series of books and magazines.

I also produced my own artworks in airbrush and watercolour techniques.

In 2000 I started work as an international school art teacher and since 2006 I have been working overseas.

I completed a one-year course at the University of Sunderland and obtained a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

My professional development includes attending IB conferences, design conferences, training courses in ceramic and metal work, and some other activities.

I am also open to new opportunities such as cultural or international projects; I am ready to discuss offers, which would let me apply my presentation and organizing skills.

I enjoy travelling, getting to know new cultures, traditions, environments, meeting people and socializing.

I like films, theater, music, and dance; I like reading books, sailing and hiking.

And all my life I am passionate about everything I do.


“Anna is an extremely hard working and conscientious teacher. Few teachers I have worked with put forth more effort and time in preparation for teaching their students. I am grateful for all the many hours of hard work she has given at our school. “

Steve A. (Principal)

“Anna has always been a hardworking teacher very concerned about her students’ progress. She has inspired students and brought out the best in them. …has always had a good communication with parents.”

Marzia S. (Parent)

“Anna at all times maintained her professionalism.
…has been an active participant in after school activities and has often given her time to help students out of scheduled class time.”

Christine M. (Principal)

“Thank you very much for making your lessons funny and interesting.”

Florian R. (Student)